High Heels

High Heels
A slap, a kiss, and worlds collide
On top of the blanket
On an abandoned street
In the dead of winter
With heels 3 inches high
Pains of hunger and anguish
Have brought you here.
To this place of decadence
This place of pleasure
And half a block away
A full service deli
Smells that entice the nostrils
And delight the taste buds
Into thinking of sex
Food and sex, two major delights......
Can we live without either?
Or neglect the one
And not forsake the other?
Aaahhh....today I marveled at life and things that ought not be so.
A monkey riding on a lions head

Maybe now.....
The "blankety  blank" scorpion
Can get across the river
On a frogs back.......
And yet the streets moan
The day to day life
Of a short dress and a dollar bill

© copyright 2013 Black Jaguar